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03 January 2009 @ 11:23 pm
Sugoi! <3  
Haha, oh wow. That had to be the best five hours of my life so far.  Miyavi, Kra, Kagrra, The Gazette, Screw, SuG annd.. Alice Nine <3

I adore Miyavi and he was even better than he was in London..   Seriously, I didn`t know that was possible,  But he`s so cuuuuute.  He had trouble saying PS Company at one point and slapped hmself at the beginning.  He`s so sexy in a kimono <3    Kra`s lead singe is so cute.. he`s seriously tiny like about.. 4 foot-ish?  But geez, he`s powerful.  Amusing when both he and Meev came out in Kimono`s.  Meev is about twice the size of him.  So cute.

I`ve always wanted to see Alice Nine too.. and they did Rainbows - my favourite song. <3

Shou in leather pants = <3333333

The acoustics in that place are amazing though, the floor didn`t stop vibrating with the bass and I nearly fell in love when they did Rainbows as it was just amazing..

The Budokan had this awesome stage.. where it ran up to the 2nd tier so the artists/band members could run past the audience.

Aaaaaaand!  It turns out I was 2nd to book online and not 7th as I`d thought.  First in to pick up tickets and 2nd on the list.  Oh yeeeah! <3

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!  We were on the front row!  Seriously, like drooling distance away.

It`s kinda amazing looking around and seeing all the Japanese doing the same moves for the different songs.  (Each band has a `style`)  So, para para, etc was used a lot.. my shoulder aches. xD

I`m kinda pissed that they wouldn`t let us take any photos as I would have gotten some seriously sexy ones..

OH! And I`m most probably gonna be on the TV/DVD.  A woman from NHK kept passing us by and just stopped and pretty much filmed me at one point..plus the whole DVD peoples too. xD

Front Row FTW and yayzors for getting up early and getting there super early in order to get into the merch line (It was masssssive) and being able to get shitloads of goodies.  T-shirts, book, magazines, bag, photos, etc.
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